FR 21•06•2024

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Franziska Berns

Franziska Berns was born near Offenbach am Main, Germany. To those who have heard of this town before, it comes as no surprise that the proximity to Hessia’s metropolitan city of Frankfurt became the inevitable gateway for the art student’s career within the electronic music scene.
She began her journey working at Freebase Records Shop, where early exposure to important names of the industry resulted in her first DJ appearances at Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club, delivering a style described by Resident Advisor as “ranging, from minimal breaks, to clever and funky techno”. Through her passion for music and a commitment to a balanced life outside, Berns persevered and became resident at the infamous Club Robert Johnson – a place of longing far beyond its reputation as an institution.

DJ Balduin

DJ Balduin is a seasoned selector with more than two decades of experience in tracking down musical gems. As an avid believer that some songs shine only under the right circumstances he doesn't shy away from weaving repetitive loops with patterns of ambience just to let some hands-up moments unfold every now and then. Since he doesn't like to think in categories, his best guess to describe his vivid 4/4 sets would be “Hypnocelestial salsa-dub house”.
This approach is also reflected in his diverse musical productions. Through the reinterpretation of genre-specific elements, the discovery of unheard soundscapes and with a due portion of nostalgia, he forms little stories that inspire on dance floors and in living rooms alike. His album “Concrete Mimosa”, released on KANN, perfectly embodies this creative process. This record, as Kristoffer Cornils describes it, “seems to have everything and yet sounds like nothing before.”
Based in Leipzig, DJ Balduin is also the driving force behind record label GLYK, curating a diverse array of musical output. Under his experimental name M-pha, he released the intense double-sided mixtape “Tollwut Synapses.”

Shuray & Walle

One friendship, one passion!
Based in Leipzig, they radiate an atmosphere and community, an aspect that is often disregarded these days.
Those were the days, everything was about House Music. It was this feeling that we shared while listening, what connected us.
Making a difference in what they do while deciding what kind of difference to make.
Some groovy and deep pumping tunes for a great Afterhour.

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