SA 13•07•2024 at Neue Welle & 14•07 at Conne Island

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Electric Wave

In the Welle Garten from 3 pm:


HAL b2b enelRAM


In the club from 10:30 pm:

Don Williams

Don Williams is one of the most subversive artists of the Berlin techno scene. His path of eastern German Techno-socialization began in the mid-nineties and led quickly from mere record collector up to producer and co-founder of the label Tokomak. It was here that in 1999 his first release appeared, followed by releases on Mark Broom’s Pure Plastic, as well as Rewired, Styrax and Styrax Leaves.

He founded his own label Mojuba in 2005. Since then it stands for elaborate and one-of-a-kind deephouse releases. His techno-productions found an adequate home in 2006 with the formation of the label a.r.t.less. In 2008 followed the label wandering, which features many different styles. In his label catalogue, besides his personal releases, one can find artists such as Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Steve Rachmad, Mark Kinchen and many, many more.

Being at home with many different styles of electronic music, as a DJ Don Williams stands for Detroit-style Technosound with just the right amount of historical awareness, internationally as well as on the home front at Panorama Bar, where since 2008 the Mojuba-labelnights are hosted.

Currently Don Williams is working on numerous new projects, focusing mainly on his own productions and remixes as well as completing his debut album – always commemorating the legacy of house and techno.

Anna Haleta

Anna Haleta is a Ukraine born, Jerusalem/Tel avivian DJ. She co-founded Pacotek with Tsaji Soussana in 2003. Anna's sound and technique behind the decks are not defined by standard conventions. She plays and mixes tracks that many others would not dare to. Despite having been in the industry since 2003, Anna's sound remains fresh. Over the years, she has delved deep into the hidden paths of DJing, creating an atmosphere that is characterized by moments of 'touching the endless.' Anna is known for her strong techno sets at Berghain and eclectic combinations of house and uncategorized broken rhythms at Phi, Tel Aviv. Her sets are characterized by a strong club energy. Anna has a unique approach to music, treating all electronic genres as one and selecting tracks through her own 'honesty prism'. Originally from Ukraine, she moved to Israel in 1995. In the early 2000s, she began organizing raves in Jerusalem while studying art. Since 2003, together with Tsaji Soussana, Anna has been running Pacotek, a project that has had a significant impact on the underground scene in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They have organized hundreds of raves and parties, bringing internationally recognized artists to Israel for the first time. Anna has focused on DJing for the past 20 years, occasionally venturing into music production. She has released some tracks on various platforms, including the Pacotek 10 Years V/A EP. In 2024 Anna will release a three part compilation entitled '20 Years Sketches Retrospective'.

John Minus Plus

You can hear the bass and it continues to move around. It moves steadily forward but also keeps stuttering, floating and even disrupting. Is it House, is it Techno, is it Bass Music? Who cares? John Minus Plus doesn’t. The Leipzig based DJ and booker loves to roam through various musical dimensions, only guided by his preference for low frequencies. Maybe you’ll find no answers in his sets but questions are even more exciting …

Garden: 15.00 — 22.00 (free entry) ——— Doors Club: 22.30 ——— Your ticket will be sent to you via email right after your purchase. Please also check your spam folders. ——— Ticket exchange instructions: Overwriting tickets works by person B showing the ticket of person A (original buyer), as well as a photo of the identity card of person A at the entrance and thus legitimizes itself. Tickets can not be refunded.

SU 14•07•2024 at

Conne Island Garden

14—22 h

limited number of combined tickets for the events on Saturday and Sunday available at the door (20 €)

Action Bronko b2b Goody

lindos xp b2b premio

Alba Acab b2b F.R. Fels

mp.ulle b2b Sevensol