FR 26•01•2024

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Hung Up

Cleo SNK b2b P.ARIS aka AZIZAM

Taking Leipzig legends and high energy queens into account, Cleo SNK and P.ARIS were surely not to be missed on this lineup. The two best friends are not only joined at the hip but the mixer, too, knowing how to get a crowd going and being no strangers to a good old turn up themselves. They’ve been part of the Waldbrand project for a few years now, hosting events regularly, with HOTSHOT being Cleo SNK’s side venture, always pushing for a more inclusive club culture.

DJ Purpur b2b wemory

If you’ve been following some of East Germany’s most exciting producers, you will definitely have come across both DJ Purpur and wemory, two absolute sweethearts and real keepers. DJing and producing Electro, Techno, Breaks, Trance and, most importantly, anything in between that will get you dancing, they’ll keep the energy as high as it can get while always keeping the fun alive. While DJ Purpur has gained some major street credibility by being a defender of peak time breakdance battles on the dance floor, both artists have been busy producing beats for Halle’s sickest emerging hip hop stars like Kleptos, Cyndholz and hermann eff, never missing an opportunity to link up with their OG2G gang.

jewelry b2b Miss Take

A true defender of local club culture, jewelry has done and seen it all: Be it as a booker, night manager, raver, bar worker or DJ. In all the work she does, her efforts strive to modulate clubs as a safe space while dismantling the effects of the patriarchy we are living in. Regular b2b (bestie2bestie!) partner Miss Take is joining in on the fun, blending hypnotic basslines and deep rhythms to form the perfect opening set. Get ready to groove, unwind, and lose yourself in sonic soundscapes.

Doekhi b2b ttyfal

Having known each other for 10+ years, it’s finally time for underground legend Doekhi, freshly based in Berlin, and overground rising star ttyfal to officially join forces behind the booth. They share a love for pumping house music, bold basslines and cracking each other up. Taking twists and turns here and there, it’s always about bringing in the groove and they’re ready to pull you in, too.

Bestie vibes only for Hung Up this time as your favourite locals take center stage. Bidding curator ttyfal farewell from Leipzig with this event, you are cordially invited to join in on the fun – with styles ranging from prog house to techno, trance and breaks. ——— Doors: 23.00 ——— Your ticket will be sent to you via email right after your purchase. Please also check your spam folders. ——— Ticket exchange instructions: Overwriting tickets works by person B showing the ticket of person A (original buyer), as well as a photo of the identity card of person A at the entrance and thus legitimizes itself. Tickets can not be refunded.