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Popular Problems


Get ready for Minsk based Viikatory to step up the game on her very first Leipzig appearance. Just recently she claimed her place in the new electro masterclass around the globe. Strong, ongoing output and heavy releases circulating in the scene underline her immense productive mind when it comes to music. Her DJ sets have a remarkable style, ranging from cold Electro classics through the history of modern club music. No doubt about it, Viikatory always gets your hips bouncing …

Dj Unisex

Leipzig based, Dessau raised DJ Unisex is a long time synthesizer & vinyl lover, who takes care for the crisp and OG sound of Self Learning System. His production style is heavily influenced by the soundtrack of the old skool Graffiti & Hip-Hop scene. Over the years this fusion led to his signature style of high octane electro machine funk, accompanied by the unique sound of a Korg EMX-1. His discography showcases a wide range of music with no genre boundaries. You will find all these things wrapped up in our latest release “Chromatic Stimulations”

Friedrich Ernst *live*

It’s the first time Friedrich Ernst will perform his new live-set in Leipzig. Get ready for some electro breakbeat madness delivered by the Dresden native. In the last years he developed his very own style by combining different roots in electronic music: 4 to the floor Dub-Techno, Classic Electro and sampling based Hip-Hop beats, in a very original way. All can be heard on his debut EP: „The Wildstyle Fusion“.

Miss Take

We don’t have to say much about Leipzig legend Miss Take. Crazy good taste, wide range of musical styles, quality mixing and all delivered with passion and high energy. Stay curious and join us early as she will deliver a 3 hour opening set for our 2 years anniversary.

After 3 records, our own event series and lots of great memories we made, with all the people we met on the way, we're gonna celebrate 2 years of Self Learning System at Neue Welle this January. Therefore we’ve invited Viikatory, who will play her Leipzig debut that night, and also contributed two tracks for our upcoming releases. This won't be the only firstie that night as Friedrich Ernst is going to perform his fresh Live-Set for the first time in Leipzig. Also on the line up, local legend Miss Take, who will kickstart our birthday celebration with a 3 hour DJ set delivered in fashion: out of the box thinking, genre boundaries breaking and all glued together by quality mixing, we’re very happy to have her on board for this special occasion. Closing down the night is the task of DJ Unisex, his debut solo EP ‘Chromatic Stimulations’ just released he will deliver a special and highly 80s influenced DJ set in great memory of Rotterdam party nights. ——— Doors: 23.00 ——— Your ticket will be sent to you via email right after your purchase. Please also check your spam folders. ——— Ticket exchange instructions: Overwriting tickets works by person B showing the ticket of person A (original buyer), as well as a photo of the identity card of person A at the entrance and thus legitimizes itself. Tickets can not be refunded.