SA 24•08•2024



Introducing Lassi, a dynamic 25-year-old DJ hailing from Leipzig and a proud member of the art collective Tax Fraud. As an upcoming artist, Lassi was already performing at numerous raves and captivating audiences with his unique sound.

Lassi's journey into the world of electronic music began with a deep-rooted interest in various genres but particularly hip-hop. His love for DJing was ignited through trance, a genre that resonates deeply with him, yet his sets are also influenced by his hip-hop background, creating a distinctive blend of sounds.

Specializing in trance and techno, Lassi's performances are known for their vibey melodies and fast-paced beats. His vision is simple yet powerful: to make his listeners happy and to introduce new people to the enchanting world of electronic music. Whether you're a seasoned raver or new to the scene, Lassi's sets promise to take you on an unforgettable musical journey.

DJ Icetab

DJ Icetab is a dynamic artist from Leipzig and renowned for blending Techno/Trance into an immersive experience. His sets, marked by intricate melodies and pulsating beats, captivate audiences and transform the dance floor into a vibrant celebration of sound and movement.

DJ Kammerflimmern

DJ KAMMERFLIMMERN, DJ and Producer from Leipzig, Germany serves up the entire course menu, ranging from melodic sounds to fast-paced rhythms and groovy fusions, giving everyone a reason to dance!

Richie Rollin

Wether it's Trance, Techno, UKG, Groove, Hard Techno or even Gabber - Richie Rollin has got it all. His mixes cover different styles and BPM but Always feature the right amount of funk, groove and bass.
Prepare yourself for a fast and bouncy closing set.

After various parties and raves throughout East Germany, Tax Fraud proudly presents its first event at Neue Welle. With a line up full of talented up and coming DJs, we got you covered for an excessive all nighter. An energetic mixture of techno and trance, ranging from vibey and melodic to fast paced and driving will make you stomp your feet and move your hips to the beat. Join us for an unforgettable night of captivating rhythms, electrifying beats, and nonstop dancing. ——— Doors: 23.00