SA 08•04•2023

[Ultima Ratio]

Lea Occhi

Where words fail, music speaks. Reserved and solitary, Léa found refuge in music since her childhood. Jazz, soul music or French chansons, family moments usually came and still come hand in hand with music and sharing the joint, somewhat meditative listening experience. This mediative listening experience is echoed in her live sets, which stand out for their sharp selection and absolute coherence. A mental, groovy Techno fueled by organic, tribal elements — widely reverberating in its uniqueness and class.

Golden Plate

Simon König was born 1992 in Regensburg, Germany. Under his alias Golden Plate he releases records since 2016 which move between House, Techno and Ambient. 2019 he and the musically likeminded Maximilan Helten (aka @Helten) formed the label Next Step To Future. Alongside that he startet the label Kern for personal projects. Simon was interested in electronic music from a young age on. In the age of sixteen he got his first DJ equipment and started producing music. He studied in Salzburg and lives now in Leipzig.

High Torque

Leipzig based High Torque delivers fast paced, groove-intense techno. Starting originally in the minimal & house scene, his understatement of contemporary techno makes soundscapes well above 150bpm accessible to a wide audience with ease. True to the motto: Only with the right amount of groove does speed result in high torque.


Since 2011 Picaro produces and mixes Techno, Dub Techno and House. As a DJ specializing in fast percussive techno, Picaro brings a unique and exhilarating energy on the dance floor. With his finely tuned mixing skills and deep understanding of genres, Picaro takes you on a paced ride through the electrifying world of techno. His flexibility in switching playfully between genres makes the crowds moving all night long.

Techno as today’s ultima ratio. And this ratio encompasses the excess of the evening, fueled by innovative interpretations of contemporary techno and the uncompromising energy of the 4/4 beat. For this very reason we have invited the great Lea Occhi, accompanied by three local acts, to treat us to a wonderful club night. We think a good mixture, the right ratio, is so important with many things. And that both in the selection of the music, as well as in the diverse audience groups. We express a warm welcome to all of you! But in order to create a ratio, where everybody feels comfortable, we must emphasize that the Neue Welle is not a place for any sexist, racist or other discriminatory behavior. ——— doors: 23:00