SA 03•02•2024

AEA × OHRbit with Nikki Nair

Nikki Nair

From the southeastern US, Nikki Nair has in a short time distinguished himself as a bold voice in the landscape of hybridized dance music. Nair’s releases traverse genres, often fusing electro, breaks and UK bass sentiments, and his EPs have found homes on labels like Pretty Weird Records and Gobstopper.

Hanna Baertig b2b Felix Cornelsen

Hanna Baertig found her professional home as a resident DJ, host, label owner, and booker at Berlin's esteemed "Aller Ende Anfang" and psytrance collective “TRIPS” and is further solidifying her presence in the Berlin electronic music scene. With over 12 years of DJing experience, Felix Cornelsen has gathered a profound understanding of fulfilling the dancefloor’s mood. As member of Monkeytown Music and manager of their sub-label Seilscheibenpfeiler, Felix is also deeply involved behind the scenes of Berlin’s sparkling electronic music scene. Since 2020 he also operates as booking coordinator for emerging music and arts festival “Traumburg”, helping him gain fresh perspectives from artists across Europe. Strap in for an uncompromising ride.

f.feuerstein b2b ge_heym

“Ohrbit” resident f.feuerstein started her DJ journey at IfZ-Input and festivals organized by “ohrbit” and “Aller Ende Anfang” Tonight she will be joined by ge_heym, beloved resident of “ohrbit” and “Aller Ende Anfang”, who has established himself as a DJ and producer in the Leipzig and Berlin Club scene. Be prepared to be entranced by an opening of a captivating blend of housy and trancy acid tones, spiced up with some breakbeat rhythms and bass music.

Salomon b2b kaotisch

It’s a match! Salomon, a Berlin native with classical roots, brings a unique blend of groovy rave-techno and influences from Detroit techno, funk, and soul. His Label and Crew, "Aller Ende Anfang," showcases his innovative musical approach. Kaotisch,a resident on the Label and collective “Ohrbit”, emerged as a DJ during the lockdowns, transitioning from electro to a diverse mix of hardgroove, progressive house, trance, and breakbeats. Together, Salomon and kaotisch create an electrifying synergy, merging classical elements with eclectic modern beats. Their collaborative sets promise a vibrant journey through diverse musical landscapes, perfectly embodying the spirit of the collaboration between “Aller Ende Anfang” and “Ohrbit”.

Aller Ende Anfang joins forces with aspiring locals OHRbit for yet another Leipzig Edition, this time at Neue Welle. Next to some powery b2bs between the crews’ members and residents, the rare appearance of Nikki Nair in europe will lighten up the night. --- 23-01: f.feuerstein b2b ge_heym 01-03: Nikki Nair 03-05: Hanna Baertig b2b Felix Cornelsen 05-07: Salomon b2b kaotisch --- Nur Abendkasse: 15€ --- Doors: 23:00