SA 30•03•2024

aggregat invites

DJ K-Lorenz (b2b) DJ M€R$€BVRG

DJ K-Lorenz and DJ M€R$€BVRG team up for the opening and will bring heat on the dancefloor with a rhythmic, dreamy and progressive (Tech) house sound. Additionally, Breakbeat interludes will elevate your dance experience. These guys like to jump between different genres and are hyped for their first B2B performance together on an intense club night.


(Vienna, aggregat)
Get ready to groove to a profound selection of techno and breakbeat. Toffel stands for a killer combo of hypnotising and fun club music characterized by heavy kicks and experimental rhythms. The aggregat member plays his first gig in Leipzig so come around and get a listen.

JAMera (b2b) L.A.tifa

(Berlin, Mal/so mal/So & Venus) | (Hamburg, synthetic love)
You can find this duo in the space between most of the known electronic sub genres. A combination of different kind of styles, rhythms, and sounds. From breakbeats and uk bass, influenced by their roots in england, to trance & proggy sounds ending in 175 dnb bangers, get ready for a kick-start mix with the filthiest baselines…


Join DJ InterStella on a pace driven journey through the world of Groove Techno. With a mix of memorable rhythms and catchy beats, she creates an atmosphere of uncomplicated celebration. Interstella's charming approach and lively song selection invite you to sway and dance along. Experience Groove Techno in a relaxed way—no frills, just good music and vibes. Let InterStella be your perfect companion for a carefree time on the dance floor!

Ready to get electrified? Aggregat invites goes to the second round! Stil buzzing from the first edition, we return to Neue Welle with another powerful lineup that will lead you through the night and make sure that the sweat is dripping from the ceiling once again. This time we mix things a little bit up to show you the variety that aggregat can supply you with. From progressive house over catchy breaks to purest techno you’re gonna hear a wide and diverse spectrum of music, delivered through a wonderful Funktion-One soundsystem that might get you lost on the dancefloor. For this event aggregat invites: L.A.tifa – JAMera – InterStella We complete the lineup with three of our residents: DJ K-Lorenz – Toffel - DJ M€R$€BVRG In order to create a safer space at this event our policy goes hand in hand with the CoC (code of conduct) that you can find on Neue Welle’s website and whoever won’t adhere to it will be expelled from the party. We do not have a strict no-photo policy, but please avoid using cameras or mobile phones, especially on the dance floor. ———————————— Box office: 13-15€ (you decide) Doors: 23:00