SA 18•11•2023

aggregat invites



Lina12345 delivers an elegant mix of house, ghetto and breaks which is mainly inspired from the 90s and 00s. Paired with elements of hard groove and trance she creates a unique sound since two years now, that is all hers. Her motivation mainly is the relation to the crowd and to spread lots of fun as well as good vibes on the dance floor.


(aggregat, Vienna) | (Halle)

In his sets BRIZZ creates an energetic flow and natural groove that let you immerse into the moment and keep you dancing for hours. His sound is defined by fast, loop based rhythms occasionally complemented with vocals and trance elements. Driven by his seek for harmony and perfection, he will provide the proper sound for an intense ride.

DJ M€R$€BVRG is a newcomer techno dj and producer based in Halle. Atmospheric melodies and fast groove-driven beats are the main characteristics in his music collection. With his music he conveys a sense of pleasure and lightness to the crowd while keeping the energy high through progressive rhythms.

BRIZZ and DJ M€R$€BVRG will join forces for a joyful b2b and together they will mark their Leipzig club debut. Trust us you don’t wanna miss this!


(Proper Pull, Leipzig)

Ready to shift a ride into the next gear?
The Leipzig based DJ emerges as a true dreamwaver.
With a unique fusion of dreamy trance, neo trance and tribe/tek she crafts a sonic landscape that transcends consciousness and takes the listeners on a journey beyond reality.
CH4R20TTE‘s music is an emotional rollercoaster where captivating melodies intertwine with hypnotic beats. Her tracks serves as a portal to another dimension, where time seems to stand still and listeners are transported into a trance-like state.

DJ K-Lorenz

(aggregat, Leipzig)

If you don’t know him yet, you should change that. Without any limits the Leipzig based DJ, mixes a variety of sounds and genres with his own style and takes the crowd on a well structured journey. In this night he will guide you through some massive breaks blended with a variety of techno and trance.

It is time for your favorite power supplier: aggregat We provide you a whole night with the finest sounds of Techno, Trance and Breakbeat that will run through your body and leave you electrified. Combined with a wonderful Funktion-One soundsystem everything is set for a hot and sweaty dancefloor. For this event aggregat invites: CH4R20TTE – DJ M€R$€BVRG – Lina12345 We complete the lineup with two of our residents: BRIZZ – DJ K-Lorenz In order to create a safer space at this event our policy goes hand in hand with the CoC (code of conduct) that you can find on Neue Welle’s website and whoever won’t adhere to it will be expelled from the party. We do not have a strict no-photo policy, but please avoid using cameras or mobile phones, especially on the dance floor. ———————————— Box office: 13-15€ (you decide) Doors: 23:00