FR 29•12•2023

Bona Dea

Jens Baumann

Jens Baumann is a Leipzig based musician, composer and DJ interested in a wide variety of musical styles. His passion for electronic music began on the dance floor and was to grow over many years as a guest and spectator. Under this influence, he began collecting records in 2019 and developing his own style: a highly intense dancefloor-oriented techno characterized by its groove and constantly evolving, meticulously prepared sets.

Whatyes (Live)

Ein Live voller Joy und Happiness. Eine für die Seele groovig, sportlich, treibende musikalische Darbietung. Loose yourself on the Dancefloor. Dance and smile zu nußigen, schaumigen, beerigen Sounds.


Breza is a Leipzig based DJ. He ist part of the crew behind the renowned "Rillendisco" series at "Institut für Zukunft". Fueled by his deep love for vinyl records, he stepped behind the turntables. His sonic signature? A compelling blend of driving beats and entrancing hypnotism. He has already played at clubs like ://aboutblank, Mensch Meier, Mjut.


Rahmlet started his Dj journey somewhere in the universe, but right now he landed on the world in Leipzig. His unique sets are mostly melodic drivin and run full of energy, above all, a piece of his inner journey — and it is far from over, the destination can not be seen yet, so come along!

Dj Caligula

Here we have the most intangible act since the comeback of Abba. DJ Caligula aka DJ Marc Aurel aka DJ Antoninus Pius aka DJ Maximinus Thrax aka The Emperor aka ... only the gods know if this guy will stop to change his name ere everything will end up in total confusion. Anyhow he will present a unforeseeable mixture between leftfield, techno, dub and breaks. But as we have seen before he is still loyal to his ancient assertion that you can find in the legendary The Wire interview from 1981: „The artist is the artist and I am a docile servant.“

23:00 — 07:00