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Bordello a Parigi

Bordello Soundsystem

Otto Kraanen aka Bordello Soundsystem is owner of the record label and shop Bordello A Parigi, Italo Disco enthusiast and DJ.

Furor Exótica — live

Argentinian nu italo-disco and house duo from Buenos Aires, formed in 2013 by the vocalist Viky O and producer Ric Piccolo.
They have four powerful EP's and multiples V/A collaborations in labels such Bodello a Parigi, Tom Tom Disco and Boots & Legs. Their last release Macchina Bum Bum (2022) presents an orgasmic Italo trip crafted for dancing lovers worldwide.
Since the project began, they have made numerous tours along South America, Europe and Asia, playing in several clubs and festivals around the world.
Furor Exótica was remixed by Richard Rossa, Frank Agrario, Fabrizio Mammarella, Future Feelings, Kayroy & Greetings, Alan Dente, Trujillo and Donald's House among others.

Ric Piccolo

"The Man from Pampas" is an Argentinian music producer and DJ who explores di!erent genres such as disco, Italo-disco, house, and rare grooves with left-field/experimental vibes.
As a DJ, his style ranges from obscure disco madness to the most innovative current sounds for the dancefloor. His freestyle sets catch the attention to the earnest obscure music fans worldwide.
He is a digger and reworker of crazy records from Argentina, giving light to those treasures in di!erent formats; Pampas-Disco-Shock (mix serie), Australworks (EP’s), The Sound Of Pampas (EP) and Síntesis Moderna (V/A).
As a producer, he released multiples EPs in labels such as Toy Tonics, Bodello a Parigi, Soundway, Tom Tom Disco, Passport to Paradise and Boots & Legs.
He is also one half of Furor Exótica together with vocalist Viky O. Their style is a mixture of nu italo-disco, indie-dance and house.
Since 2013, his music has taken him on extensive tours around South America, Europe and Asia, playing in several clubs and festivals around the world.


Balena (Spanish: ballena; "whale") moves through a sea of sounds: sometimes through playful house waves on glittering neo italo coastal beaches, often with powerful movements through driving basses of the deep sea. In doing so, she takes her audience on a melodic journey through the infectious waters of music. Sometimes tender and nostalgic with a touch of playful synths, sometimes wild and ecstatic, going with the flow of acids. Let yourself drift on the dancefloor and always expect the unexpected!

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