FR 01•03•2024

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Per Hammar

Per Hammar, with Berlin and Malmö in the south of Sweden as territory, is the captain behind his labels Dirty Hands, 10YEARS, De Vloer and the club instance Kiloton. Dirty Hands works as a home base and headquarter for his dustier works. Dub and dusty sounds are some of the signalements from the vinyls and tapes of the label. ”It’s ment like a safe house for the ugly, the non perfect, and works that don’t want to be polished.” states Per Hammar.
His and Kajsa Lindström’s club Kiloton has been a reliable source of quality dance music since 2010, offering the crowd of Sweden club experiences on regular basis.
In 2016 he started his second label, 10YEARS, together with Maya Lourenço a.k.a Parallax Deep, celebrating their 10 years as friends and music partners. The label is planned to be the outpost for their own stripped and more electronic sounding works.
2019 he teamed up with the Amsterdam producer Malin Génie, and founded the label De Vloer, to set up a home for their dubby rolling co-productions.


Look who’s back! Much has happened in between the last mp.ulle appearance at Neue Welle and now … only in a good way, of course. Some gigs have been played, some mixes have been recorded. Standing out of it all — her pretty brand new Groove Mag resident mix. This is the point where you should go and check it out. If you still have any questions afterwards, feel free to contact us. If not (what we assume), look forward to an opening driving full speed through House, Minimal und Tech House.


Did someone order premio Tech House? No? Well, no one cares because you're still gonna get it. For a night like this where mp.ulle perfectly warmed up and Per Hammar — the man himself — probably already tore everything down, he's gonna dig even deeper into the 4/4 sea and be sure — he's bringing some undetected nuggets to the surface!

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