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Clear Memory


Newinfluenzer comes from Hamburg and has her roots in Poland. Since 2018, she has focused on spinning wave and electro. Her sets are known for having an uplifting and driving sound that offers a perfect mix of electro classics, acid influences and breaks. She started her first radio show called "Electric Gym", which has since developed into a successful party series and collective called "EGYM". They collaborate with labels like Mechatronica and invite DJs like Dangermami, Coco Cobra, Mathis Ruffingand Manao to keep the nights going until morning with their music.

Newinfluenzer, whose real name is Martha Jokiel, not only works on her music but also on other creative projects. She works closely with DJ Mell G and her label "Juicy Gang Records". There she uses her talent for graphic design and creates posters and graphics for various releases. For example, she has already worked on the cover artwork for "Insect Replicant" by Raavel and "It's all about the cosmic stuff" by Viikatory. Her current projects include the production of an upcoming single EP, as well as a video release, which is a collaboration with her crew member 11Schnull and will be released later this year.

Mr. Beef — live

Master of Ceremony, Wizard of the Keys, Challenger of Time & Space, Mr. Beef is a man of many names. Starting to make music at a time when handheld phones were rare (and not obstructing other people's vibes at a rave!), he'll showcase his latest live-set. If you know his releases (on, for example Clear Memory) you know what to expect: spiced up boing, bum, tschak and a ride on the breakbeat train.

Robyrt Hecht

“Robyrt Hecht is a man of endless energy.” A music producer since 2 decades and a vinyl DJ since 1 decade, Robyrt Hecht from Leipzig has touched on every aspect of the underground electronic music scene. Besides his label YUYAY Records and his involvement in the now defunct label and record shop Possblthings, he is founding member of Electro label and event crew Clear Memory and co-founded the record shop Sleeve++. He's specialised in emotive Electro and IDM with a bunch of 80's Funk added to the mix.

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