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Clear Memory

Sophie du Palais — Live

One of the bright talent emerging from the current Netherlands‘ electronic underground scene is the German and Amsterdam-based, ‘fetish-inclinedʼ, vocalist and performer Sophie du Palais ((Pinkman, Dekmantel Recordings)) also known as “Vrouwe Fataal”.
Sinister industrial wave music exploring themes of lust, hedonism, technological obsession a millennial alienation Across six tracks of sinister industrial wave music, Du Palais unravels a potent signature, driven by fierce, imperious Anglo-Germanic vocals and eclectic, dissonant sounds. Connecting techno, EBM, acid and electro with vestiges of dub and experimental electronics Du Palais conjures an abrasive, intoxicating depiction of lust, hedonism, technological obsession and millennial alienation.
Du Palais introduces a nocturnal underworld. The descent is intensified by the mania and murk Sophie Du Palais seizing an uncompromising sense of style and intensity, an emergent new artist navigating a merciless, pleasure-seeking existence, from club to bedroom to screen, facing it all down with a cold glare, ready to light the fuse.

Westlake & Hayter

Having been involved with throwing parties and organizing events since the early 2010’s, Westlake & Hayter, the franconian born, saxonian based combo released their debut EP on Ratlife Records.
If that does not tell you already what to expect, them being part of Clear Memory really gives it away: rugged Electro, bitter sweet synths and adorable weirdness.

Milium & Rekorder

Lunatic label boss Rekorder and Leipzig runaway Milium will be on closing duties. In other words: two genre-bending selectors will put their collections together for a disturbing guide home. Electro, EBM, Wave, Techno, you name it. Who knows what they’re capable of doing?

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