SA 23•09•2023

DanceNFriends & FACE To FACE







LECAT is a Leipzig based newcomer DJ who likes to play a variety of different genres.
With her careful track selection, her aim is always to create playful sexy vibes that make you feel your body but also the sense of community on the dance floor.


(VISION EKSTASE / Lehmann Stuttgart)

Rover Ranger is one of the most prominent DJ’s in the Techno Scene of Stuttgart. As a Resident of the Lehmann Club and founder of the well known party series Vision Ekstase he is able to captivate his audience with hypnotic and driving Techno in which he is mixing elements of 90’s techno with more modern approaches to electronic music. Rove Ranger's productions range from housy melodic sounds to shaky percussion rhythms and hypnotic grooves.
His influence on the electronic music scene is not only limited to Germany: He is known all over the globe and his djing journey has led him to infamous clubs like Bassiani in Tbilisi or Calle 9 in Medellin.


(VISION EKSTASE / Lehmann Stuttgart)

​​David Löhlein is an internationally-acclaimed music producer and DJbased in Germany whose signature and unique snakelike sound evokes a sultry musicality. Exploring the intersections of music and visual art, Löhlein expresses his intimately sexy tracks through unforgiving DJ sets including in Stuttgart’s electronic music scene where he’s a resident DJ at Lehmann Club.For the producer, music provides a means for him to channel his energy towards ventures that have a lasting, positive effect on others. A symbol of passion, freedom and dance, Löhlein’s artistry envelopes deeper values and social causes, all helmed under his label and lifestyle brand VisionEkstase. David’s music showcases an eclectic and diverse merging of influences from house to techno, hip hop and Latin American, all blended with his own life experiences and travels.David Löhlein sexy techno tracks skirt between the ease and immersiveness of the mainstream while provoking a quintessential dazzling and venomous underground groove.

23:00 — 07:00 #techno #groovetechno #snakelikesound Immerse yourself in the pulsating world of groovy Techno, where the music transports you into a state of feeling free. Let yourself fall into a state of ecstasy as you get lost in the hypnotic beats and captivating rhythms. Feel yourself becoming one with the driving percussion and the powerful drums. Allow yourself to sink into this musical universe and let the energy of the sounds carry you through the night, while you focus on yourself and explore your own inner world. Policy We do not tolerate any intrusive behavior, discrimination, or sexism. Everyone at our event should be able to feel comfortable and have fun. Anyone who does not adhere to these rules will be immediately expelled from the party. Please take care of each other, and if you or someone else feels uncomfortable, do not hesitate to reach out to us or the Neue Welle team. We are here to support you and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Live out your intimate moment, but respect the boundaries of others.