SA 04•05•2024


Navid Asadi

Navid Asadi is a hamburg-based BIPOC producer, DJ and Resident of DANS and Demorave. His Style is about Raw Techno & Hardgroove.


Noxsonos ist a leipzig-based dj who has been active in electronic dance music for about two years and has spent a lot of time behind the decks since then as she‘s been involved in a variety of events. even though her sets focus on grooves from the start she’s still finding her path and shaped her sound to a mix of gorgeous chords of dub techno and timeless oldschool techno classics with the main goal to evoke emotion through sound and to focus on inner feelings.


Berlin-based DJ, producier and co-founder of PUSH Network. From Berlin via Vienna to London, Paris and Madrid - For Fans of Hardgroove all over Europe, there is no way around Caniche. Her unique Hardgroove Sets merge tooly, funky beats with rap-inspired vocals and tribal elements, anchored by old school percussion.
Hitting the decks at Clubs like Tresor, OXI or ÆDEN, Caniche is a regular in Berlins's most renowned booths. Moreover, her music have become popular beyond Berlin, leading her to perform at notable venues such as Grelle Forelle in Vienna, Corsica Studios in London, Rote Sonne in Munich, IFZ in Leipzig and Tresor West in Dortmund.


Delphinschule is a DJ Duo whose goal is to really hype up the crowd, by playing a contemporary but also unique mix of fast house, hardgroove and trance. They always make sure the sound is balanced between rolling and hard grooves and dreamy and memorable melodies. When playing, they create and maintain a high spirit in the club. Like the music they play live, their productions are also on a broad style spectrum. Most important to them is that both them and the listeners enjoy their releases. They played in many clubs in their hometown of Hamburg and in Berlin. As residents of the DANS collective, they were also particularly committed to preserving the subculture in Hamburg by taking part in a number of actions and events.

Introducing DANS, a techno collective & Label that has pioneered the concept of demoraves. With a firm belief that techno is inherently political, DANS harnesses the primal power of music to advocate for change and dialogue. We are presently engaged in collaborations with iconic German techno clubs, aiming to deepen the cultural consciousness about the essential role of subcultures in claiming their rightful space within the societal landscape. Through our Efforts, we seek not only to entertain but to enlighten, encouraging a collective assertion of identity and presence in the cultural dialogue. Join DANS as we continue to innovate and inspire, transforming spaces with our beats and our dedication to the movement. _____________TICKETS____________ Presale/Vorverkauf: 9-13 Euro Doors/Abendkasse: 15 Euro