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Day one Club Heart Broken member, Venus Vessels resident and THF Radio host Galleur has played an active role in nightlife for almost a decade now. Be it as DJ, curator or promoter: Her manifold involvement within the music scene has translated into a taste level that prioritizes versatility over dancefloor etiquette – a mindset beautifully exemplified by her Surf 2 Glory project, that she runs together with Club Heart Broken colleague and partner in crime Sanaz.

Marie Montexier

It is like Marie Montexier drills/digs/cuts/pierces/perforates deep down into the ground to find that golden vein of bassy groove she is hunting for. She often finds it and nails it perfectly: Marie has a distinctive way of presenting records, turning them into personal trademarks. With fresh ears she looks back in sonic history, picking and matching genres, intertwining the old with the contemporary. If tracks are labeled as well- or less well-known are of no significant meaning to her, as long as they contribute to the story she wants to mediate.
Born in Germany with French origin, Marie’s preferred format as a DJ is vinyl, a crucial part of why she began DJing and collecting music. Curious about genres and styles, multi-eclectic influences informs her sound. Her sets, mainly based on breakbeat and big on UK flavour, are global melting pots where genres and edges blur; oldskool acid, tribal-scented beats and trippy techno merge here. Marie brings a twisted quirkiness, lightening up a sometimes harsh-sounding corner of the scene.
Although new in the industry, Marie Montexier’s hard work has not gone by unnoticed: during her debut year of 2019, she was selected “Newcomer of the Year” by German music institution Groove Magazin, an honor for any artist. Marie currently holds a residency at internationally renowned party Warning, taking place at Berlin’s ://About Blank venue. She also broadcasts her monthly radio show Pistache FM via Munich’s Radio 80000 station, and in addition to this she is also preparing the launch of her own label.


Bogotá-born, Berlin-based Tania Humeres Correa plays under the moniker of her own initials: THC. It’s not a gimmick – to hear a track slammed into another so deftly is a psychoactive experience. THC’s sets are kinetic, propulsive in this way. High-energy without a loss of soul, hard-hitting, and still very playful and very gay. We are reminded that techno need not be a gloomy, rumbling march, and that house has a whole range of attitudes at the same time ruthless and smiling. She blazes, to put it simply.
Having heated Berlin dancefloors and airwaves for a few years, THC is now a resident at Radiant Love and Venus Vessels, and has begun working at the record label A7A. She started her residency HOT BOX by THC on HÖR radio this year, and has released mixes via DJ Mag, Club Quarantäne, Rinse France, and Standard Deviation. The last year has also seen her playing alongside her brother Dominik as the duo unit S-candalo. Regardless of format, there are always those THC-signatures: punch; euphoria; and streaks of vocal samples intoning the classic dancefloor theme of unity, be it political, sexual, spiritual or some sweaty mixture of it all.


“Amy aka ttyfal is one of those full-blooded club culture activists” – a journalist, promoter and producer, first and foremost, ttyfal is a DJ. With a passion for anything breaks and basslines, you’ll find ttyfal also mixing energetic, prog-heavy or trance-infused house. Staying at the heart of the local scene, Amy currently curates HOTSHOT at IfZ alongside four of Leipzig’s hottest up-and-coming artists as well as DINNER at the new Neue Welle club alongside Marie Montexier.

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