FR 09•02•2024

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Marie Montexier

As a DJ, Marie Montexier's sound is slick and dynamic, bringing together electrifying grooves from all eras and corners of the globe—classic rave cuts and modern club sounds, thumping party-rockers syncopated beat experiments, all of it mixed seamlessly on vinyl via elegant blends, tight cuts and the occasional cheeky spinback. She's played many of the world's best clubs, including fabric, Berghain, and De School, as well as festivals like Pitch Australia, DGTL Amsterdam, Lente Kabinet, Butik, Waterworks, Love International and Pollerwiesen, while holding a residency atthe Berlin party Warning and hosting a show on HÖR. In 2021, she co-founded Précey, a collective dedicated to supporting women, lesbian and nonbinary artists in the male-dominated world of dance music. The same year, she launched Paryìa, a label pushing a striking blend of club and experimental sounds, mostly from as-yet unknown artists. Her label, like her DJ sets, makes it perfectly obvious: Marie Montexier is an essential new voice in today's electronic music landscape.

Tim Schlockermann

Hailing from Frankfurt am Main, Tim Schlockermann brought the sound of this hometown when he moved to Leipzig. After releases on Long Vehicle, R.A.N.D. Muzik, Elephant Moon and kaizenrecordberlin he played venues all over Germany. His sound between house and techno leans towards the trippy, repetitive and hypnotic side of the genres. Now running GOSU Records he has been putting out music he collects from the people around him.


Known for her deep passion of collecting music ALiNA's sets range from mostly house over breakbeat to electro and techno. Coming from a rebellious teenage phase that she spent within the underground gothic scene it was only in the beginning of her 20's when ALiNA discovered her love for electronic music. The seed has been planted in '06 when she spent a couple of yrs in London. Spending the following 11 yrs of her life in Frankfurt a.M. and in Offenbach's famous Robert Johnson Club shaped her strongly. Her record collection grew continuously whilst throwing her own party series and slowly getting into the mixing game. It seems like it only took the move to Leipzig in the beginning of ‘21 to finally find the right surrounding to play in public. Since then, she's rapidly established a reputation.

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