FR 16•02•2024

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Fäncy Takeover

Michal Zietara

Polish born and Bavarian raised co-founder of OSBA Records & LOSER Records, RSO Resident and party boy extraordinaire. Being born in the year 1840 as the illegitimate son of Frederic Chopin, Michal was secretly given a first-class musical education by his world famous father. Michal began learning the ways of these future people and found his calling in a modern form of music called House that oddly reminded him of the rhythms he learned from his father when he was a child. Perfecting his technique in the local discoteques of Southern Germany, Michal moved to Berlin to immerse himself in the thriving music scene and found his way into “Renate” where he became from 2012 – 2021 his residency. Since 2021 he’s playing nowadays & nights at RSO Club where his residency is.


What ChatGpt says when asked for Leipzig's most iconic Dj-Duo: The Bonbons: As one of the co-founders of the Leipzig-based Fäncy Crew they focus primarily on the sweet love – for music, between each other, on the dance floor, and in excess!
Playing, an exciting tingling sensation flows through the navel, while the bass thumps powerfully and the music tenderly tickles the goosebumps of their dancers.
They showcase the diverse facets of femininity and dancing as individuals. Musically, they specialize in House but also enjoy the seduction of other genres.
They have a particular fondness for Schlonzenbeats and abundant vocals – as long as it rocks, and they can join the party behind the decks.

Napoleon Dynamite

…somewhere in between House and Indie Dance. Napoleon Dynamite is an inherent part of Leipzigs Club scene for more than 10 years. As a part of the infamous Fäncy Crew with their extraordinary and hedonistic partys or as resident DJ of Distillery Club – there is no way around Napoleon Dynamite.
As a producer he is looking back at releases on labels like O*Rs, RDF or Distillery Records.

Mauro Caracho

When you think of Leipzig's club scene, there's no way around Mauro Caracho. Whether it's as booker and resident of Leipzig's infamous club Distillery or one of the head honchos of the fabulous Fäncy Crew (for more than 10 years now) – find a legendary party where he didn't have his fingers in the pie! Wink wink!
As a DJ, he also regularly appears supra-regionally and internationally. Whether it's gigs at Panoramabar, Garbicz Festival or more or less regularly at Institut fuer Zukunft – no dancefloor is too big for him to keep it busy and burning.

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