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The part-Spanish, part-Luxembourgish artist has cultivated her skill and selection process in Amsterdam’s after-hour scene. Now residing in Berlin, her rhythms find inspiration in the city’s eclectic and somewhat wilder characteristics. Not bound to a sound, in particular, Ogazón is best at arranging a coherent thread of feelings throughout her sets, be it melancholic bliss, ecstatic hope or just pure dancefloor pleasure.

Ori Raz

Ori Raz is the founder, resident, curator and booker of Motivo Positivo, a Berlin/Tel Aviv based collective and party, and a label owner of Liquid Memory Records Berlin.

Known for his seamless blending of different elements of house music, Ori is a deep digger who masters any room and slot. He crafts a unique blend, effortlessly moving between genres and moods including Deep, Acid, House, Electro, and Techno. His profound understanding of dance floors allows him to deeply connect with dancers, enabling them to lose themselves in the music.

Before moving to Berlin, Ori made his mark on the Tel Aviv underground scene and continues to do so as one of the city’s most recognisable, unique and loved DJs, as well as creating the most notable party series of recent years — Motivo Positivo. Through his DJ sets and Motivo parties, Ori brings the freshest sound and continues to push the boundaries for himself, the dancers and his peers.


A longstanding figure of the scene, behind the counter at record shops and DJ-ing since ages, Sevensol runs esteemed label Kann and Long Vehicle and has released music — together with Bender — across his own imprints as well as on other labels. Resident at Nachtdigital Festival and appearances at Panorama Bar, De School, Bassiani, Waking Life and countless places in Europe and Asia in the last 15 years.

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