SA 20•01•2024




The chameleon when it comes to vibe and track selection.
She is adaptive, experienced and ready for her return to Leipzig. You better are, too.


(radiance / stockholm)

Stockholm finest underground export — the dog making waves as a producer on respected labels with his straight and minimal approach to modern techno.


(hyperfokus / magdeburg)

Over ten years of experience and a a recognizable and unique sound: this is what to know about the curator behind Hyperfokus. His mixing is an example of redefining the conventional way of DJing by breaking up structures in his very unique way of playing full four decks.

· intimate event · one floor, limited capacity of max. 200 people · please respect the no photo policy · highly functional body music · F1 sound system · You are warmly invited for a journey through contemporary techno - deep, diverse and with structure. Far away from easy-listening commerce, but with love for qualitative details. Presented on a top-class, fine tuned FunktionOne sound system with Stockholm finest underground export DOG ON ACID as well as Leipzig returnee SCONTULA and curator JAN GOERTZ. A state of increased concentration - immersed into the flow and decoupled from space and time: this is the Hyperfokus. ——— Price: early bird: 13,55€ (incl. all fees) via RA ——— Doors: 00:00