SA 15•04•2023


Frida Carlo

(geheimclub / berlin)

Gender neutral artist with focus on creating a musical journey through driving, mystical and atmospheric worlds, always accompanied by high pulsating energy. He tries to be free of any rules, norms and social constructs in person, as well as in music.


(nebula / leipzig)

Her sense of music has always been tied to its physical potential. The unrelenting passion transfers directly to the dancers. It resonates within them, amplifying their collective state of mind, creating an atmosphere of promise, community, and bliss. And though the feeling might be fleeting, in those moments – it’s everlasting.

Jan Goertz

(adapter / magdeburg)

His mixing is an example of redefining the conventional way of DJing and really dictating the flow as an artist by breaking up song structures in his very unique way of playing full four decks. It is and always has been a competition with and against the machines for him to exceed the limits of possibilities.

· intimate event · highly functional body music · A state of increased concentration – immersed into the flow and decoupled from space and time: This is the hyperfocus. And it is the goal of the night for artists and guests. A journey through contemporary techno awaits you – deep, diverse and with structure. Far away from easy-listening commerce, but with love for qualitative details. Presented on a top-class, fine tuned FunktionOne sound system. The club is fresh and different, also known for it’s affinity to visual art – with it’s limited capacity and it’s one-floor-concept it guarantees you an intimate and immersive experience. Highly functional body music and visual art brought together at Neue Welle: Leipzig gets what it deserves. Click on artist's names to hear and read more about. ——— Price: at the door: 15€ ——— doors: 23:00