FR 22•12•2023

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In the past few years, SALOME has burst onto the electronic scene with the same blistering energy she transmits behind the decks. Originally hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia, the sound of this DJ is a matchless mix of electro, acid and techno – but pick any of her sets, and you’ll also find fragments of hardcore, hip-hop and trance (to name just a few).

Currently operating from Berlin, SALOME is also resident at Herrensauna, a feat that comes as no surprise to those who’ve seen this artist turn dark dancefloors into steam- and sweatsoaked ceremonies. Also a prolific producer, SALOME’s tracks appear on distinguished record labels such as Mechatronica, Standard Deviation, International Chrome, Lobster Theremin, Mind Controlled Rectifier, Herrensauna and Darknet.

DJ Mell G

DJ MELL G's journey from a series of electrifying livestreams in 2020 to her recent global tour, spanning across Australia, China, Japan, and Europe, signifies a remarkable evolution. Establishing her label, JUICY GANG RECORDS, in 2021 and gracing renowned clubs and festivals like fabric, FOLD, Poing, Lente Kabinet, Pollerwiesen, she's etching her unique sound across the electronic music landscape. Her fusion of electro, techno, and breakbeat has garnered acclaim, setting the stage for her groundbreaking debut album, "ISSUES."

"ISSUES" serves as an intimate exploration of DJ MELL G's ongoing battle with borderline personality disorder (BPD). The album's opening, a guided meditation overlaying desperate tones drowned out by pulsating beats, poignantly captures the tumultuous journey of living with BPD. What sets DJ MELL G apart is her commitment to amplifying conversations about mental health within the music industry. Her debut EP stands as a testament to her dedication, striving to dismantle stigmas and raise awareness.

Through her music, DJ MELL G becomes a beacon for addressing mental health issues, particularly BPD. Her ability to channel intricate emotions through her compositions, coupled with a steadfast advocacy for mental health dialogue, positions her as a compelling figure capable of leading discussions and panels within the music industry.

The recent "ISSUES REMIXES" EP breathes new life into her acclaimed album, featuring reinterpretations by innovative talents like Manuka Honey, Sally C, Cyan85, Ben Pest, and Peachlyfe. By sharing her experiences with BPD through music, DJ MELL G continues to challenge stereotypes, fostering meaningful conversations and empowering others to confront and understand mental health conditions.

DJ MELL G's musical odyssey, epitomized by "ISSUES" and its remixes, isn't just about beats and melodies—it's a transformative vehicle for advocacy, paving the way for vital discussions and empowering change within the music industry and beyond.

DJ Unisex

DJ Unisex is an interdisciplinary DJ, Producer, Radio-Host and Label Chief based in Leipzig (Germany). His production style is heavily influenced by the sound of old-school Electro and synthesizer experiments somewhere between 70’s Berlin and Düsseldorf-School. The past years he had international gigs for example at: Terminal Club (Mexico City), ://about blank (Berlin), Le Bourg (Lausanne) and Operator (Rotterdam) to name a few. In 2019 he started his residency on Callshop Radio called Intergalactic Rhythms. Since 2020 he is co-running the record label Self Learning System.

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