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Ryan Elliott

Ryan Elliott has spent the past two decades of his esteemed career effortlessly bridging the gap between different artistic expectations. Growing up as a DJ in Detroit, but coming into his own in Berlin, his sets expand on each city’s styles. A resident at both Berghain and Panorama Bar as well as Offenbach's club Robert Johnson, he refuses to be aligned with just techno or house, instead highlighting their optimal overlaps. And as a producer, remixer, and founder of his own label, Faith Beat, Elliott releases music that is playable but unpredictable, perfectly calibrated for dancefloor impact and enduring enjoyment. No matter what form his musical expression takes, with Elliott listeners always seem to get the best of both worlds.
Launched in 2019, Faith Beat is an organic extension of Elliott’s passions as a DJ, producer and voracious record collector. A home for music that is thoughtful and loose, precise yet approachable, Faith Beat is not a one-way street, but an ongoing conversation between Elliott and the crowds he plays for, the producers he loves and the records he buys.
As a DJ, Elliott delivers sets that slice energetically across the house and techno divide, a revelatory approach that's infused with a deep respect for his selections. This ethos also manifests in the monthly charts Elliott has published since 2003, insisting on giving a proper platform to whatever he plays. As with all of his efforts, Elliott doesn’t pit one place or style against each other, continuing to pursue a sleek and transportive fusion.


For Vanaenae, it all started in Leipzig and her DJ heart will probably stay there forever. As one of the hosts of the radio show Sunday Groove and part of G-Edit, she is rooted here no matter what. Never really interested in fixed genres, she dabbles in anything that is danceable and crackles under the needle. Vanaenaes great love is house music in all its variations, preferably from the 90s. Her sets are bridges between all kinds of subgenres and the selection of some soulful vocal tracks will definitely make you wanna dance to them.


When premio was asked to meme the DJ right after Ryan Elliott, he was very happy. But not long until premio was also asked to write a text about himself - annoyance and reality instantly struck. Did he get booked for playing music of other people or for writing texts about himself? Bing bong, fuck his life — looks like someone skipped the tiny printed writing on the backside of the last page of the 34 pages long contract. Well, even though it took some time to recover, his feelings are now officially and fortunately back to being as neutral as an automatic car when it's put into neutral mode and that's why he's now more than ready to write this little textytext like there's no tomorrow. And if he can write like there's no tomorrow, you can party like there's no tomorrow! Back to the original topic — there will be House music and he might even bring his 12-crinch Tech House collection. After listening to his from now on personal warmup DJ — Ryan Elliott (Ryan doesn't know yet, but premio assumes it's realistic. Please don't spoiler!) for the first time, he will be ready to fuck shit up. That's for sure.

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