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Gerd Janson

Gerd Janson is one of the most highly respected DJs in the world of house and techno. Quite often, “highly respected” goes hand-in-hand with “underrated” but over the past few years, audiences around the world have also found out what insider types already knew: Janson is a DJ that reconfigures the classics you already knew in an unexpected way – and introduce you to new classics, a few months (or years) before you’ll hear them played everywhere else.

Nathalie Seres

Her curiosity to dig into different genres as well as her ability to curate DJ sets in which she blends the likes of Breaks, Acid, Techno, Garage and other UK-inspired touches into an artistically complex journey is what brought her to be one of the newest appointed Berghain residents. “A Berghain resident who offers something a little different: a UK-influenced, breakbeat-heavy sound.” (RA)

mp.ulle & premio

mp.ulle & premio – that basically means house all night long – or at least for the duration of their booking. In this case warming up for almighty Gerd Janson, which is not the hardest task, because everyone will be hot as Habaneros anyways. Outside and inside. Mentioning outside first, because looks > character, as we all know.

Prepare yourselves for 3 hours of fine minimal, decent house and one or the other hit. Better update your Shazam, you’re gonna need it.

Doors: 23.00 ——— Your ticket will be sent to you via email right after your purchase. Please also check your spam folders. ——— Ticket exchange instructions: Overwriting tickets works by person B showing the ticket of person A (original buyer), as well as a photo of the identity card of person A at the entrance and thus legitimizes itself. Tickets can not be refunded.