FR 12•01•2024

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OLIV is one co-founder of ZENA, part of Fluid Festival and a Callshop Radio resident. With a wide range of efforts to create more safer spaces, conversations and networking opportunities for FLINTA* artists, as well as to support and build communities, the work of ZENA and Fluid Festival is an important part of the current electronic and subcultural music scene.
OLIV is a music lover and explorer at heart. For several years she has been turning knobs and records - always varying between different genres such as Experimental, HipHop, House, Breakbeat, Electro and Bass. She has already played in various clubs in Germany as well as in London and Amsterdam. Besides various radio mixes, including Refuge Worldwide, Dublab Brazil, NTS and Rinse France, she also hosts her own bi-monthly radio show linger for a moment on Callshop Radio.

Alba Acab

alba acab, raised on the cold and cool streets of frankfurt, will destroy patriarchy in leipzig clubszene. her exquisite selection will blow your mind. get ready for a wild ride through the warm womb of motherlove. long live the matriarchy!


Sachsenperle, dj based in leipzig, brings to you her finest pearls out of her vinyl treasure.
Her sets are genre-fluid from electro, bass music, breakbeat, grime to Jungle.
Get ready for an exciting journey, filled with bouncy basslines & dreamy vocals that will make your hips swing.

DJ Birne

DJ Birne from Leipzig, a seasoned house music enthusiast with a decade-long journey through the beats. Despite a penchant for classic house tunes, she keeps the dance floor energetic with funky, sexy and deep tunes. Birne keeps things old-fashioned – no SoundCloud here, just a pure, timeless groove. But she will remain house a head forever.

Matriarchy welcomes you to her ride through the warm womb of motherlove. Let's celebrate mother centered societies that are based on maternal values: Care-taking, nurturing, motherliness, wich holds for everybody. ——— Doors: 23.00 ——— Your ticket will be sent to you via email right after your purchase. Please also check your spam folders. ——— Ticket exchange instructions: Overwriting tickets works by person B showing the ticket of person A (original buyer), as well as a photo of the identity card of person A at the entrance and thus legitimizes itself. Tickets can not be refunded.