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Sedef Adasi

DJ, producer and HAMAM Nights host, Sedef Adasi has built her reputation not only on being one of Germany's best selectors in electronic club music, but also on staying true to building and fostering local communities. One of Augsburg's 300k citizens, the daughter to Turkish-Albanian parents has long prioritised the concept of staying true to ones home. Herself, sticking to her South German home town in favour of migrating to the big city.
Since HAMAM Nights launched in 2017, Sedef Adasi has hosted a range of respected nightlife professionals to City Club, Augsburg. While this a gave her a space to support regional structures, she proceeded to tour the HAMAM mindset of inclusivity and hospitality around the globe. While interculturality, diversity and regionality are key factors in Sedef's practice, continuity is another idea that she's applied both to herself as well as her artistic bonds. Besides City Club, she holds a longstanding residency at Munich's BLITZ club, and she's now a resident at Berlin’s Panorama Bar.
Musically, Sedef Adasi remains undefined. She internalised a passionate love for music ever since coming of age, both behind the decks and on the dancefloor. A decade on, Sedef Adasi has developed her own sonic DNA. Spontaneously yet with ease drawing from proto-disco, techno, acid, house breaks and 80s/90s pop music both in her DJ sets and her studio productions. Through combining multi-faceted sound niches, at times very fast and energetically, her selections remain ever-united.


Having heated dancefloors and airwaves for a few years solo and as duo unit S-candalo, Dominik Humeres Correa aka DHC has been making waves in Berlin & beyond. The unifying factor in their work is a deep honour for the oldschool as well as a certain synthesis of passion and defined taste that speaks, simply, to fierceness. DHC‘s sound is overflowing with the queen and the queer, an energy they also direct into Venus Vessels, a non-profit music collective hosting parties and programming a residency on Radio8000.


Berlin based Josefa is a young and aspiring dj from Frankfurt who just co-founded the Artist collective Loopy Daze. With her minimal sound she aims to value the quality of electronic music.
When she is in the booth there are no boundaries between the music and her, always open minded towards new productions.


As a visual artist living in Berlin, PRSMC was surrounded by the famed club culture which encouraged his own interest in music. From collecting vinyls to playing at prominent Berlin clubs and festivals across Europe his career as a DJ/producer had been solidified. The artist has also established his name as a light designer for festivals and art installations.
Together with Multisex-founder DJ LACHS he es performing as Multisexual.

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