SA 11•11•2023

PACE II — Progressive Attitudes Community Exchange


IGLO is currently one of the uprising artists in the techno scene trying to create sounds for dancers, that bring them joyful moments in hypnotic states. Originally from Leipzig, his musical routes are based in classical music and are influenced by a lot of different genres. His sound contains melodic sequences with deep pads on driving rhythms enabling space for listeners and dancers to find a way to themselves or just feel deep connections to others as well. One can look back to releases on labels like FLOAT Records, Warok, Newrhythmic Records and others with the best yet to come.

searching for the invisible

SFTI aka. “searching for the invisible” is a techno DJ. With her fine selection of tracks which are containing driving rhythms and razor sharp hi-hats, she takes you on a journey to another world. As an active contributor of Leipzig´s techno scene for more than eight years, she is a member of the collectives Wellenwandler and naven. She organizes events, pushes flinta artists, is a Dj and sometimes even a Vj and graphic designer. SFTI has her musical background playing the drums for thirteen years.


konkarve's music is shaped by different musical influences. As the two DJs received an extensive education in classical music in their childhood, today both classical and electronic skills influence their work. Their fast and driving sets are meant to create an extroverted and light-footed mood for listeners and make it possible to escape into an unreal world of your own.

Dari and the Beast

Dari and the Beast is a couple and DJ-Duo, based in Leipzig [Germany]. Their sound mainly oscillates somewhere between fast grooves, loops and at times influences of electro.
During corona winter in 2021, they decided to become a b2b, because their taste in music matched perfectly and they had more fun djing together. Later that year, they founded the music collective LPZG Callin together with friends, to host their own parties, which meanwhile is pretty well known in Leipzig's techno scene.
Their latest project is a groove-techno party series called PACE.

We are hyped to announce that IGLO will join our lineup after he recently had his TRESOR Berlin debut. Together with Leipzig local and Naven resident searching for the invisible he will set Neue Welle on fire. The crew members konkarve and Dari and the Beast will take care of the rest of the night. As always we will focus on fast and groovy techno, so prepare yourselves for a late-night workout. ------- Doors: 23:00