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PARALLELWELT w/ Tama Sumo & Lakuti

Tama Sumo & Lakuti

As a resident of Globus/Tresor since 1997, Tama Sumo regularly plays LGBT ”Dance with the Aliens” nights before becoming a resident at Panorama Bar in 2004 and then at Berghain. Adept at techno with touches of acid, electro and sometimes italo disco, she meets Lakuti who has established herself on the international scene as a respected and valued house DJ, DJing in renowned and growing clubs, festivals and arts events on every continent. Lakuti has also hosted countless parties at Berghain/Panorama Bar, where she and Tama Sumo created the “Bring Down the Walls” and “Your Love” series of events, which have drawn guests from both the black and LGBTIQ+ communities both within and outside of the city perform outside the DJ booth.


Naitwa is a Leipzig based DJ who’s part of the collective “nice 4 what” representing house music and organizing likeminded events. She is also a member of “Petrola” crew from Leipzig and is involved in the regular event series DRIVE at Institut fuer Zukunft. Her heart truly belongs to house music in its various forms – tech, prog, 90s to early 2000s or breaky stuff to dub and Detroit techno– Naitwa loves to spin them all. As you might notice, oldschool vocals make her weak – alltimes.


Named after a pizza place in NYC (yes, he has been to New York City already twice, so he is basically a local (quotes: “5th avenue is so nice”; “have you ever heard of Brooklyn?”; “the view from ESB is the shit”)) — he noticed pretty early that the name „premio“ and the story behind it do perfectly match his existence — not only because of his love for pizza.
Some might describe the sound as Tech House, others might describe it as House and still others simply might not care. The truth probably lies somewhere in between all of that!

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