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Love Fist Tears, this is what L.F.T. stands for.

A DJ, producer and live act who is exploding onto the realms of contemporary electronic music more with each passing day. His music defines itself as a mixture between new wave and breakbeat influenced electro, a sound that is shaped by the distorted drum machines of The Hague as well as the romantic synth melodies of San Francisco in the 80s.
In recent years, L.F.T. has released several pieces of timeless music on labels such as Return To Disorder, Mechatronica, Eye for An Eye Recordings, all in addition to his debut album on Osaré Editions. The electro virtuoso also released his second album “Salz” on Mannequin Records and he shows no signs of stopping in his quest to create music for dark days.
As a DJ, L.F.T. transitions between the different realms of electro and techno seamlessly, creating detailed soundscapes of futuristic dread and hope.
Based in Hamburg Germany, L.F.T. curates evenings at the Golden Pudel Club, together with his friend Lukas. The pair also run an independent record label called “Neoprimitive”, which puts a focus on experimental music.

Jennifer Touch

Live Musician, Producer and DJ - deeply involved in a Post-Wave-Cold-Pop-Acid-Romance.

Showcasing her unique sound in the saturated world of electronica, Jennifer Touch successfully draws from Electro, EBM, Pop and Dark Wave influences, combining 80’s vintage synths with industrial soundscapes, delivered with a visceral Post-Punk snarl. You’ll rarely find an artist today so devoted to sound or as deeply immersed in the affective reverberation of old synths. Creating a safe space for herself and for others to sink into is more a need than a simple desire, because to Touch music is like life - incalculable, rich in experience and emotion, and most of all unlimited.

Warm Graves — live

Normally playing in a group of 3 - Warm Graves will bring a solo set to the table, sliding along dark, hazy synth-melodies and harsh funk beats through the eras of german new wave and kosmische musik. Try some Sauerkraut and Donauwave, you‘ll get the taste.


Leipzig-born Neele grew up influenced by punk and hardcore and the wild bunch of the infamous Conne Island crew in Connewitz, a club she eventually became a booker of.

One of Leipzig’s most versatile DJs, Neele is now a resident of the Leipzig institution Institut für Zukunft. She remains a political activist and a key figure in Leipzig’s feminist scene, particularly as a founding member of the G-EDIT crew.

Behind the decks she fears no genre limitations, never losing control nor falling into triviality. Her trademarked sound is energetic, bass-driven and UK inspired, taking in all manners of House, Techno, Acid and Electro. The type of DJ that can fire up a dancefloor at any given moment of the night.

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