SA 10•02•2024

Rhythmic Affairs


Even before Carlos moved to Germany about ten years ago to study architecture, he had discovered his passion for DJing in his homeland of Mexico. His sound was significantly influenced by stops in Weimar and then Dresden – ranging from Deep House and Breaks to Techno and maybe even Trance. Carlos is particularly known for his eclectic DJ sets, good vibes, and infectious smile while performing.


In 2008, Ben visited the Cube Club in Chemnitz for the first time (featuring Drum’n’Bass, Dubstep, Dancehall). Shortly thereafter, he discovered Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Boards of Canada. The passion for electronic music was ignited, and the spirit of exploration awakened. Since 2015, Ben Haviour has been performing as a DJ, delivering live sets and concerts. At selected gigs, his music is enhanced with visuals. Since 2015, Ben Haviour has released music on various labels including Traum Schallplatten, RFR, Miracle Music, Bad Bat Records, and Alien Allies. On September 29, 2023, his new album "Melancholy Rave" was released, supported by the Initiative Musik.


Keller is a live techno band consisting of Jakob Romer (Drum Machine), Anton Israel (Synthesizers), and Anne-Marie Herda (Vocals). In December 2023, they released their first single, "ugly." Initially, Keller was purely a live project. Using beats from the drum machine, a makeshift sampler, vocals, and synthesizers, they performed at house parties, clubs, and demos. The resulting tracks have since been refined, gradually recorded, and released. In their music, the band blends aggressive techno with multi-layered vocal arrangements, incorporating UK garage beats and soul influences. With pulsating synthesizers and a queer-feminist approach, Keller navigates between a stable political message and glittery escapism, balancing a love for sonic perfection and the ecstatic energy of euphoria.


Kim Shine and Kaya Karacho share (besides their friendship) an unconditional love for breaks, garage, footwork, uk bass, brazilian funk and a bonding passion for sweet party nights. So step by between xxx and yyy, let us bring your booty control drop in to the floor and afterwards burn down the dance floor together ♡( ◡‿◡ )

"Rhythmic Affairs" celebrates the power of simplicity through a fusion of funky, deep, and shimmering melodies in a space that allows for personal expression. Explore sound and visual spaces. The music unites through a common language, while the motto "Same, Same but Different" emphasizes the uniqueness of each guest. With live performances and DJ acts, "Rhythmic Affairs" creates an open community where strangers become friends, and everyone is welcome. Explore the difference, discover the sameness. ——— Doors: 23.00