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Move D

Move D, aka David Moufang, is one of modern electronic musicʼs most beloved souls with a long and varied musical history with roots in the 60s and 70s jazz, psychedelic, rock, soul and early electronica.
Making his first appearance on vinyl as part of a school bands competition in 1983, it was only another four years before he started toying with the medium as a DJ, playing funk, soul, hip-hop, and proto-house. In the 90s things began to move fast with the inception of his Source Records imprint, early productions (including the debut Move D LP ʻKunststoffʼ – Source Records, 1994) and the beginnings of a 26 album relationship with a close friend, the late Pete Namlook. Since then, Moufang has become an unassuming heavyweight in house music as a producer for countless forward-thinking labels, a collaborator and a truly original selector.
His discography is long and impressive and holds releases on a broad variety of labels such as Source, Modern Love, Workshop, Smallville, Warp, Running Back, Uzuri and Electric Minds among others plus collaborations and involvements in projects like Magic Mountain High (w. Juju & Jordash) and Reagenz (w. Jonah Sharp).
Not one to slack off, his live and Dj performances have been on par with (if not superior to) his studio work, pulling from all corners of his diverse catalog to create an experience that attacks the hips and head in equal measure. His releases touch on house conventions but are delivered in his inimitable style, leaving everyone - from long- time fans to the uninitiated— with their jaws on the floor and their hands in the air.

Julius Steinhoff

Julius Steinhoff is far from being a stranger in the ever-expanding universe of deep house. As a Co-Founder and one of the steersmen behind Hamburg's Smallville empire (record store and label/ party curator around the globe), half of the dynamic duo Smallpeople as well as a producer and DJ in his own right, Steinhoff is closely associated with a group of like-minded people that unite fresh ideas and individualism with a certain sense of tradition.
Julius' DJ-Sets are focused on a range between Deep House and Techno- always within the balance of atmospheric warmth and club suitability.


Sam started stepping out of the shadows rather recently. With monthly guests on her “Whatever Floats Your Boat” show on Callshop Radio she has been introducing a musical vision since the beginning of last year and also showed the more floor oriented side of that vision with her booking for the “II. Reihe sleepless” stage at Tarmac Festival. In her own DJ sets she carefully brings together a wide range of laid back styles from different electronica and lately she’s been getting a little housier.

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