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Space Disco

Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks in Hell, Amsterdam)

Raw, authentic Disco sounds geared towards the dancefloor. As a Dj and Producer Marcel Vogel has been a famous character in the international clubscene for decades, constantly juggling between recording sessions, performances and operating his seminal labels “Lumberjacks in Hell” + imprint “Intimate Friends”. Fueled by a desire to establish community and connection on the dancefloor, he's combining Disco, Soul, and House with a sense of humor and excessive feeling.

Heninspace Live (Copyshop)

Dresden has always been an innovative lab of inspiring electronic music with Heninspace and his label “Copshop“ being a great example of how to handle deep, careful, unique and experimental sounds — slow, warm, sometimes even a bit mystical with the confidence to not fulfill obvious expectations.

Onkit (Space Disco)

Through countless performances at Techno- and Electro events like “Audiofiction”, “ Homoelectric” and “Blackred” Onkit has burned himself deep into the hard-disk of Leipzigs underground Rave-scene. Also being into different genres like Italo Disco and early House, he will be framing the night with his full bag of well known classics and refreshing surprises from in and outer space.