SA 25•05•2024

TIHT Kollektivnacht


BENITO is a DJ from Magdeburg. He fuses heavy hard hiQng beats with bouncy basslines and beau4ful and emo4onal melodies and vocals. His track selec4on varies from groove to Donk, over Trance/Hardtrance, always trying to create a unique experience during his set.


Cello is the youngest member of the TIHT collec4ve and serves up an energe4c mix of (hard) trance, hard dance and bounce. His sets result in an enormously coherent overall picture of hot and bubbling, highly electrifying good-4me beats that are extremely ecsta4c to tear down thanks to hard trance and bounce founda4ons as well as higher BPM numbers.


Fine uses the combina4on of acid and hard techno to envelop the dance floor in an exhilara4ng atmosphere, crea4ng an environment with unstoppable force to move forward.


With a background in dance, JOGA uncovers his true expression through the rhythmic pulses of music. His performances are a testament to his musical journey, combining the pulsa4ng beats of (hard-) trance, (hard-) techno and neo rave with the nostalgic melodies of eurodance. Guided by feelings and memories, he crajs sets to electrify the audience, free from constraints, offering a passionate explora4on of music that transforms emo4ons into mo4on.


From childhood, KS6 has been immersed in the world of music. Alongside playing instruments, he's equally passionate about producing music, dis4nguishing between the trancey melodic and the hard under his alias, кosтja. In Leipzig, KS6 treats all visitors to a high-energy hard-techno Set, blending wonderfully 4med hard-trance and industrial elements. Endurance and sturdy footwear are a must.


Unterkracher‘s passion for extreme music knows no genre. Since a young age he is driven to hard energe4c music styles. This is mirrored in his techno produc4ons and DJ-sets. His music is a fusion of hard techno beats, dark atmospheres and driving lead riffs. His DJ-sets are full of energy and designed to destroy the dance floor from start to finish. So be ready to get destroyed!

Chiara Allnutt

Introducing TIHT, a dynamic collec4ve hailing from the vibrant city of Magdeburg, where crea4vity knows no bounds. Founded in 2023, TIHT brings together six visionary DJs and a talented photographer, united by their passion for music and their commitment to pushing boundaries. With a fusion of bouncy trance, industrial vibes, and electrifying hard-techno beats, TIHT creates an immersive sonic experience that cap4vates audiences. Join them Sat 25th, May 2024 for a coherent varying musical/rave experience. NOTE: No pictures will be taken from anyone personally. Neither is taking pictures allowed. Doors: 23:00