SA 09•09•2023


Dj Alkali

Halle (Saale) based DJ Alkali takes us on a journey where melodic house, melodic techno and a touch of indie dance are blended to create an intense musical experience. Get ready for a melancholic yet positive sound that brings out the essence of emotion through the art of music.


Mo:az based in Leipzig, the city that stole his heart with its underground scene and gave him the chance to flourish and evolve as a DJ over the last 4 years. For more than a decade, music has been his passion, leading him to take an interest in different genres as he experiments and does not adhere to commercial rules. However, for now, his focus is on Minimal and Deep Techno, minimal House/Deep tech, and almost everything related to Downtempo.

Cheetah (hayat girls)

Cheetah is a DJ from Leipzig who put herself behind the decks for the first time in 2022. In her sets you'll dive into a special mix of trance, groovy & bouncy techno - genrefluid as she would say.
The energetic rhythm & bass are guaranteed to get you into the dance flow.
Her sets are memorable for its energetic groove, so get ready & enjoy!

zart (hayat girls)

zart is a DJ and Baby producer who starting her music Journey in Leipzig. Her sets can be described as spherical, progressive, full of psy elements and trancy baselines . Between 140-170 bpm you will find yourself dancing until you reach the trance.


Q is a innovative electronic music producer, known for their unique blend of experimental sounds and infectious rhythms. With a passion for exploring the possibilities of electronic music, Q has been gaining recognition for their recent releases, which showcase their talent for creating memorable hooks and intricate soundscapes. Born in Syria and raised in Kuwait, Q draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, from ambient and techno to experimental. his tracks are a fusion of genres, blending elements of analog and digital sound to create a distinct and powerful sound that is all their own. In addition to their productions, Q is also a skilled performer and DJ, known for their captivating live sets that are full of energy and surprises. With an ear for the perfect track, Q knows how to create a vibe and keep the dance floor moving all night long.


Rahmlet started his Dj journey somewhere in the universe, but right now he landed on the world in Leipzig. His unique sets are mostly melodic drivin and run full of energy, above all, a piece of his inner journey - and it is far from over, the destination can not be seen yet, so come along!

Transmission is the name of a new series from Leipzig. The first edition will take place at Neue Welle. The series is a platform for different artists who present their music and experiment with each other musically across all kinds of borders.