FR 20•10•2023

Ultima Ratio w/ STEYA



High Torque

Golden Plate

Ultima Ratio is back at it again, bringing you your beloved ratio of Techno with Techno and Techno. To top this even off, we invited up and coming Steya straight outta Berlin to our familiar halls of Neue Welle. She will be accompanied by our local residents, making the ratio an ultima ratio. Through these hard times, our hearts and thoughts are with the victims of the violence, their families and friends on both sides of the border fences and especially the Supernova-festival. We think a good mixture, the right ratio, is so important with many things. And that both in the selection of the music, as well as in the diverse audience groups. We express a warm welcome to all of you! But in order to create a ratio, where everybody feels comfortable, we must emphasise that the Neue Welle is not a place for any sexist, racist or other discriminatory behavior. --- Doors: 23:00