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Veiculo Longo

Eden Burns

Eden Burns is a DJ and producer hailing from the deep south of Aotearoa/New Zealand. As a teenager, he connected with the world of dance music via scuffed tech-house records in dollar bins and a DVD rip of Paris Is Burning. Drawing on these inspirations, his early productions hit a sweet spot between wide-eyed weirdness and club-ready maximalism. His first outings, back then as part of the duo „Sandboards“ on Feel My Bicep and Cold Tonic, soon led him from the Taieri Plains to clubs and stages worldwide. Now trading under his own name, Eden’s vividly colourful productions have found a home on Munich’s multi facetted outlet Public Possession. Together they initiated the Big Beat Manifesto series currently standing at Volume IV with number V & VI already lined up for a what will hopefully be a bright 2022 full of dancing and prancing. Just to make sure it does not get boring he throws in oddball releases like the ambient excursion “Kelly” or remixes for acclaimed labels like “Optimo” and “Beats in Space”. His productions have gained support from Solomun, Jennifer Cardini, Jamie Tiller, Gerd Janson, Avalon Emerson, Adam Port and more. Much like the music he makes, Eden’s DJ sets are reverent and wildly fun, the product of an innately curious talent. Whether in the booth at Rinse FM or NTS, or in front of crowds in London, Dunedin, or Japan, Eden has a habit of weaving sets that are rich and unpredictable, interspersing phases of driving momentum with joyful curveballs and blissful reveries — moments that feel like turning the corner on a precipice and suddenly seeing ocean.


Sam started stepping out of the shadows rather recently. With monthly guests on her “Whatever Floats Your Boat” show on Callshop Radio she has been introducing a musical vision since the beginning of last year and also showed the more floor oriented side of that vision with her booking for the “II. Reihe sleepless” stage at Tarmac Festival. In her own DJ sets she carefully brings together a wide range of laid back styles from different electronica and lately she’s been getting a little housier.

Tim Schlockermann

Hailing from Frankfurt am Main, Tim Schlockermann brought the sound of this hometown when he moved to Leipzig. After releases on Long Vehicle, R.A.N.D. Muzik, Elephant Moon and kaizenrecordberlin he played venues all over Germany. His sound between house and techno leans towards the trippy, repetitive and hypnotic side of the genres. Now running GOSU Records he has been putting out music he collects from the people around him.

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